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Revitol Hydrating Face Serum

Revitol Hydrating Face Serum
Revitol Hydrating Face Serum
Revitol Hydrating Face Serum
Revitol Hydrating Face Serum
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Revitol Hydrating Face Serum

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  • Description

    Experience Vital Hydration with Rare Orchid Extract

    Revitol Hydration Serum harnesses the natural hydrating power of Orchids, Vitamin E, and Lemon Peel to keep skin looking its best!

    Revitol's formula goes even further, pairing these three breakthrough ingredients with Vitamin C, Rosemary, Pine, and Ginger Root for a one-of-a-kind experience.

    The Secret to Smooth, Hydrated Skin? Cleanse, moisturize, and improve your skin’s natural moisture barrier with Revitol’s ultimate rejuvenator. Age, sun damage, stress - even not drinking enough water - can wreak havoc on your complexion. Revitol’s Hydration Serum attracts & locks in moisture so you can feel your best every day.

    • Targets Damaged & Dry Skin Cells
    • Energizes & Rejuvenates Complexion
    • Attracts, Boosts, and Locks in Moisture
    • Smooth, Supple, Glowing Results
    • Leaves Skin Looking Refreshed & Healthy

    Organic Orchid Extract

    Orchids have the ability to transform your skin into something just as elegant and beautiful as the flowers themselves. By stimulating two hydration molecules called aquaporin 3 and LEKTI proteins, orchid extract can lead to 5x the hydration in each skin cell. 1

    Lemon Peel

    Lemons naturally contain something called hydroxyl acid, which can quickly get rid of dead skin cells to reveal the softer, healthier skin below. Lemon Peel in our formula is the driving force behind that refreshed, reenergized feeling of perfectly healthy skin.

    Fully-Loaded Proprietary Blend

    Our mega-concentrated formula includes antioxidants like ginger, skin-healthy vitamins C & E, pine cone to help combat thinning skin, and rosemary to protect new skin cells from damage and dehydration.

    Beyond Hydration: Revitol Renews & Restores

    Skin care can be a complicated thing. Revitol makes it a little easier.

    No other hydration formula on the market has the restoration powers of our serum. With rare orchid extract & lemon peel leading the way for softer skin, our proprietary blend helps cleanse damaged and dead skin cells.



    Are you suffering from dry skin? Do you look in the mirror and see more wrinkles or blemishes than you did last week? Real skin hydration can help.

    Start attracting and retaining moisture like never before with Revitol’s advanced Hydration Serum. Grab yours today and make it part of your daily (and nightly) routine!

    Get Revitol’s advanced Hydration Serum today!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Kate F

    Attention! Get this one now! I recommend this to everyone i meet who tells me they need an extra boost for their skin.

    Kim W

    I am always looking to improve my skincare regime as much as possible. I can honestly say Revitol is one of the best products I have ever tried in regards to cost, results, and safety. This serum is definitely here to stay for a while.

    Bonnie H

    Revitol’s serum has become a staple in my nightly skincare routine. I go to bed each night knowing my skin will be smooth and healthy the next morning. It’s so nice to wake up and not be scared sh*tless about how my complexion will look LOL I will be using this serum for years to come.

    Jenn S

    I love how healthy my skin now looks thanks to this serum. It is so smooth and refreshing and my skin is no longer red or irritated.

    Christy D

    This is not the worst cream I have ever used but it is not the best ethier. Yes, it makes my skin feel nice but it doesn’t last as long as I would like.